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US-North Korea summit may end decades of war, says KIM

US-North Korea summit may end decades of war, says KIM

President of South Korea states Kim Jong-un strongly confirmed again to complete denuclearization during the speech.

Kim Jong-un, the leader of north Korean has faith in a one-to-one meeting with US President Donald Trump in Singapore next month may end the long history of the war between the two nations, Kim Jon-un said.

Moon Jae-in also added on Sunday that Kim reconfirmed his strong commitment to complete the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in the speech they got at an expected convention earlier at the demilitarized zone.

He also showed this interest in putting an end to the history of war and confrontation through the success of the North-US summit and to collaborate for peace and prosperity.

The meeting on Saturday was the last dramatic turn in a week of diplomatic up and downs around the expectation for the summit between the united states and north Korea.

Moving along very nicely

There is also a say stating his fixed will on meeting Trump as planned.

Meanwhile Trump informed the arrangement for the june 12 summit with KIM were going happen regardless of the postpone last week.

On Thursday Trump rattle the region by dropping the june 12 meeting with Kim in Singapore. However, he, within 24 hours, came out saying the productive talks could still go ahead.





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