Google Doodle Is Celebrating S.P.L. Sorensen, the Scientist Behind the pH Scale

Google is celebrating a little known but widely influence our scientist with Google doodle today.

Soren Peder Lauits Sorensen (S.P.L.), the Danish scientist is the man who created the pH scale.

>S.P.L. Sorensen invented the strategy in measuring the acidity and alkalinity in 1909 while examining the effect of ion focus on proteins. Nowadays the techniques are very significant for every need like clean water and medicine.

This man was born in Havrebjerg, Denmark 1868. In university, he planned to study medicine but ended up being a scientist. He was the master of prestigious Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhangen for 37 years. There he had his second wife named Margrethe Hoyrup Sorensen. He worked in the lab until the age of 71 when he died.

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